A young man stands in his bedroom. As it happens, today, the 14th of July, is the release day of an INSANELY AWESOME GAME. At least that’s what the ads say. And that’s what your SISTER keeps reminding you about. She’s been bugging you about playing the game today for WEEKS now. But you don’t plan on it. There’s no time for such nonsense when you have the paranormal to expose!

What will you do?

> Enter name.

Enter name.

You can not enter a name for this boy. He already has a name! What kind of world would this be if such an exceptional young man went around without a name! True, many don’t consider you to be exceptional for any positive reasons. Still. Not having a name is completely unheard of.

As it says here, you’re name is Dib. But it looks like the rest is covered by a cloth.

> Dib: Move cloth.

Dib: Move cloth.

Why? The cloth wasn’t covering anything. Your name is Dib. Just Dib. Why do people keep making such a fuss about it?

> Examine room.

Examine room.

Your name is DIB. Some would describe your room as SPOOKY, which would be an accurate way of putting it. Dominating your room are items of the INTEREST which also dominates your life. That interest being the PARANORMAL. Studying the paranormal. Finding the paranormal. Capturing the paranormal. Getting fame through the paranormal. These are pretty much the only thoughts that run through your head. Another one of your interests would be the PARASCIENCE needed to capture the paranormal. Again, the paranormal dominates your life.

Your DAD urges you to get into REAL SCIENCE. But. That’s just boring. Why replace blood cells with tiny coffee beans when you could capture an ALIEN? A particular alien, as a matter of fact… But that is a matter for another time.

What will you do?

> Dib: Fill your mouth with pigs.

Dib: Fill your mouth with pigs.

No… No.

Why would you do that? You have better things to do with your time.

Besides. Pigs make you uncomfortable…

> Dib: Locate your sister.